Remember To Make Memories At The Table

Remember To Make Memories At The Table

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Monday, September 12, 2011

Down For The Count, But Not For Good!

Dear Friends, Fellow Bloggers & Readers:
The Road I Live On
Looked Like This!
( Vermont)
Just to let you know that regular posting on Cucina Nanette will not be possible at this time. Our home was devastated due to Hurricane Irene. Email service and other communication has been interrupted and life as I know it has changed. At this time, my husband and I are living with family and we are safe.
I'm not sure when I will be able to resume regular posting, but I'm looking forward to the time when this is possible. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers during this stressful & difficult time. Happy Blogging and Cooking to all.  God Bless.  Nanette


  1. Oh, Nan! Praying for you and keeping you in my thoughts

  2. Thoughts are with you while you rebuild.

  3. Living on the coast, I see destruction from hurricanes much too often. So sad and cruel are these water monsters. When it happens to someone you know or care about, the feeling turns to grievance. Take care and pray your recovery happens for the best and comes soon. I know you know things are what they are for a reason even if we do not understand...